C-Grade Wedding Programme

C-Grade Wedding Programme (Full one day Package USD 500)

1Day Programme

Bhutanese wedding is much more than a simple exchange of vows and rings. It includes a number of religious rites performed by Buddhist monks and lamas. This represents the importance of the bond between a husband and wife (partners).

A traditional Bhutanese wedding ceremony begins with choosing of an auspicious day for the event. A high Rinpoche or the local astrologer selects an “auspicious day” for the wedding based on the birth year of the bride and groom wearing unique hand-woven Gho and Kira in a centuries-old tradition get married with Buddhist Rinpoche and monks chanting prayers to invoke blessings from all gods and deities, to turn your special day into a lifetime of treasured memories definitely in a land of breathtaking natural beauty.

We could arrange C-Grade wedding in a Farmhouse or in Buddhist Temple in the following manner.

Early morning bride should dress up with a silk woven kira and groom with silk woven gho, the traditional garment. The Bride & Groom will be received by group of representative from Company and take them to the wedding Place.The ceremony begins with a Lhabsang, which will be performed by 5-6 monks Headed by great lama. During the ceremony the monks will recite mantras and they will light fumigation outside the place. This ceremony is to please the local deities. Bhutanese believe that only if our deities are pleased we can have their blessing and enjoy good health and wealth. The fumigation is to please their sense of smell and the grains we add to the fumigation are to quell their hunger.

Light butter lamp after the arrival to the venue and the prostrations offer butter lamps. The lighting of butter lamp is an offering of light to deities and is one of the most common means of increasing merits and the monks will perform Thrisor. It is a rite of purification and cleansing. This rite will clear our bodies, speech and minds of all our sins. The bride and the groom will then exchange their rings which will bind one another with love and friendship forever

There is an elaborate session of serving fruits, tea and nuts to the couple and the guests. This ceremony is conducted only for the very important people.
*Serve Suja Desi.
*Butter tea with saffron rice
*Serve Doma Pani followed by cut fruits and nuts. (Shugdrel)

Kha Da (White Scarf): A white scarf is presented by the Lama to the couple and they are spiritually wedded. The guests offer the Kha Da after the Lama.
Ara (Local spirit warmed with fried eggs)
as a symbol of unity, the couple shares the drink from the same cup. (Milk can be substituted instead of Ara)

Cultural show: we could hire dancers and musicians from one of the Agent that provides us with varieties of folk and mask dances for any important occasions.

Lunch:Lunch can be served with Bhutanese cuisine as well as other country’s cuisine with varieties of menu with both Vegetarian and non- veg.

Photo Session:The day will end with the photo session. For the photo session, the sites shall be designated accordingly with the venue of the main event taking place. Some of the breath taking seen we can explore in Bhutan. 

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